15 Amazing Facts about Facebook You don’t know

Facebook is the most popular social network site in today’s world. It changes the concept of people of how to connect to each other with no Face to Face interaction or Phone Call. The more people in your Account the more popular you are. So here we will share some interesting Facts about Facebook.

15 Facts about Facebook maybe you don’t know :

#1: The  Facebook.com

Facebook originally called TheFacebook.com which is initially for Harvard University students. Later than its transform to Facebook.com

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#2: Facebook hacker hired

A man Hacked a Facebook named as  “Chris Putnam”  who made  Facebook look alike as MySpace. Mark Zuckerberg hired him in his Company.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#3: Facebook Growth

Facebook Users average growing is 8 people in every second,  And around 7250 people grow in every 15 minutes.

#4: Active Users

Facebook has more than 2 Billion Active users as of June 2017. Facebook is the most popular social site in all over the world which had the largest number of active users.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#5: Women in a Cell

A Woman lived in the UK who was in Jail for 20 months because of using fake Facebook profiles to send herself 100 of abusive messages.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#6: Age Group on Facebook

The majority of Facebook users are about 18-25 age group with 30%. The oldest woman on the entire Facebook is Reta Watson from London.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#7: Breastfeeding Photos Restricted

Facebook Doesn’t allow breastfeeding Photos. Facebook was criticized by mothers that woman’s had posted breastfeeding profile pictures. In response to the notice by Facebook to these kinds of woman that they are violating Facebook policies.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#8: Steve Chen Background

Co-Founder of YouTube “Steve Chen” initially worked for Facebook and Pay Pal when he doesn’t set up his own business.

#9: Facebook Developers

There are more than 800,000 developers building applications for Facebook.

#10: Reason Behind Separation

As according to research, Facebook is a major reason for divorce. A study conducted that people who use Facebook excessively are created conflicts with their partners which may cause physical cheating, breakup, and divorces.

And according to the survey, 1 out of 3 people are living dissatisfied life on Facebook.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#11: Yahoo offered Facebook

Yahoo offered 1 billion dollars to Facebook to become a partner of Yahoo in 2006 but Facebook rejects the proposal and now Facebook becomes 50 billion dollars of the company and Yahoo has 21 billion dollar value.

#12: Facebook Population

In every minute, there are around 160000 messages send via Facebook. And 100,000 friend request sent by the Facebook users in every 10 minutes. As per 2016, Facebook becomes the top social site which consists the highest number of users from all over the Internet.

#13: Facebook Hacks

700,000 hacking attempts are made by hackers on Facebook Account in a day. And the most interesting thing on Facebook is you can’t able to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

Facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
#14: Mark Zuckerberg suffers from Color Blindness

There is a reason behind the color of Facebook that the CEO Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness. “Blue is the richest color for me,” told by Mark Zuckerberg in a Magazine.

#15: Banned Facebook

Facebook has been banned in China, North Korea, and Iran.

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