10 Incredible Facts about Deep Web

Deep Web is part of world wide web also known as the Invisible web or hidden web. The content of Deep Web is not indexed on any search engine due to some security reasons means if you want to find any Deep Web content on Google, Yahoo, bing you cant find anything by normal search. The opposite terminal of a Deep web is the Surface Web like Facebook, YouTube, E-commerce sites which are easily accessible on the internet. Simply you can say, its a place where everything is password protected or can accessible by some secret software. So here are the 10 Incredible Facts about Deep Web.

10 Incredible Facts about Deep Web:

#1: Internet is more Deeper in Deep Web

It’s around 88% of Internet exist in a Deep Web which is not indexed on any search engine. We are able to access the sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more on the internet are the part of Surface Web.

#2: Human Trafficking on Deep Web

Here the peoples are doing the most shocking thing without any mercy. Millions of people are kidnapped through Deep Web trap from the street who doesn’t have their own identity and used these people for some illegal acts such as Drug Supply, prostitution etc. Also, the kidnapped people get cuts off their Arms and legs and threw them on street to start making money as Beggar.

#3: Drugs delivery on Deep Web

The most popular thing about Deep Web is where the people can get any type of Drugs secretly without any legal issues from premium quality or drug to normal drug. The Suppliers over the Deep Web are very smart to deliver the Drug very safely using some unique source of packaging.

#4: Deep Web Currency

The products are supplied through the Deep Web such as Drugs, weapons which we can’t purchase from local stores are not managing money through normal Cash, Cheque or other payment Gateway. Deep Web uses a different kind of Currency known as Bitcoin which only exist on the internet simply means there is no role of government in Bitcoin currency. Bitcoin is used for sale or purchases any illegal product through Deep Web and further, the Bitcoin is converted in normal Currency.

#5: Fake Identification

People can purchase Fake Identification proofs such as Passport from the Deep Web. Mostly people from America did these kinds of things and they are caught by Cops. People also purchase organic weed from Netherland.

#6: Content Quality on Deep Web

Quality content on Deep Web is 3000 times better than the content on Surface Web. Deep Web is highly relevant for every information you need.

#7: Accessed by TOR Browser

You can’t directly use Deep Web as normal searches on search engines. Officially it is accessed by TOR Browser is sponsored by US Department of State. You can also read some banned books on TOR.

#8: Journalists on Deep Web

Moreover, Journalists are commonly using Deep Web to communicate and pass secret information to their countries. Deep Web also offers anonymous Email services to the reporters to communicate over the same subject secretly.

#9: Match Fixing on Deep Web

t is the most common tool used by the people for match-fixing at the high level. All kind of illegal betting and fixing are done with a click of buttons. It happens more than you think about match-fixing.

#10: Deep Web Traffic Source

According to the survey conducted by the University of Portsmouth (UK), 85% of the traffic on Deep Web is related to the sexual contents or Child Pornography.

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