15 Incredible Facts about Internet

The Internet is the global system of the interconnected network which provides all the information which exists in your mind. The online tools you are using for communication, surfing, information gathering are all connected to the Internet. As you all know whatever you search on any search engine is only possible because of internet connection. So here we explore the Incredible Facts about Internet helps you to increase your historical knowledge of the Internet.

15 Incredible Facts about Internet you don’t know :
#1: Invention of Internet

There is not a single person who created the internet. Several people contribute their time to achieve the Internet. The initial idea of the Internet is credited to Leonard Kleinrock. He is an American Computer Scientist and a Professor at UCLA’S Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Science.

#2: First Website on the Internet

The very First Website on the Internet was CERN a Europian Organization for Nuclear Research Website in 1990. The first File uploaded on an earlier version of World Wide Web.

#3: First Registered Domain

Symbolics.com was the first registered domain on the Internet on 15th March 1985 to Symbolic Inc. A computer System Company in Cambridge Mass.

#4: Total Population on Internet

Its about 3.2 billion people are on the Internet which almost the half of total population of the World. It’s around 45% of the world population are engaged with the Internet. 2 Billion of Internet Users belong to developing countries.

#5: Highest Traffic on the Internet

Google contains the highest traffic of Internet. It’s around 40% of internet traffic comes from Google search engine. To know more Fascinating Facts about Google visit here.

#6: Websites Population on the Internet

There are more than 1 billion Websites on Internet as on September 2014. However, more than 1 million Blog Posts are submitted every day on the internet. And around 6000 of domains are registered every hour.

#7: Longest Video on Internet

The longest video is 596 hours 31 minutes long uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is the largest Videos containing website on the Internet.

#8: Around 80% images are related to Porn

You will be shocked to know, there are around 80% images are of Porn and naked women which is surfed on highest rating by the users. And Sunday is the maximum consumption day of the Internet.

#9: Next Computer

The Next Computer is used by Tim Berners-Lee inventor of World Wide Web to create the first World Wide Web. Now Next Computer is discontinued from 1990.

#10: 50 Million in just 4 years

Internet crossed 50 million of the audience in just 4 years whereas Television took 13 years and Radio took 38 years.

#11: Fastest Internet Connection

A 77-year-old woman from Swedish has the fastest internet connection at the speed of 40 GigaByte per second.

#12: First Browser on the Internet

The very First Browser on the Internet was Mosaic in 1993  by Marc Andreessen’s. And in South Korea, you can use only Internet Explorer 6 for E-Commerce websites as per Government orders.

#13: Hacked Websites

More than 300,000 websites are hacked on the Internet every day. And more than 40% of hackers belong to the US.

#14: First Email sent on Internet

The First Email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971, There was a test email sent to himself from one computer to another computer. And now 250 Billion of Email is sent out daily and you will surprise to know out of 40% of Email is Spam.

#15: Internet in a Cell

In Norway, All prisoners have internet connection in their Cell provided by the Government of Norway.


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