Best way to find Long Tail Keywords for free

What is Long Tail Keywords?

A person needs to type some set of phrases in a search engine to access websites or some other business pages, those phrases are nothing but Keywords that play an important role in search engine optimization. Keywords selection is very crucial, there are many tools which help you to choose the right one based on your needs.

Take some time and choose the appropriate word that can divert lots of traffic to your website, some tools like Google keyword research planner may help you to some extent. Is your website all set to serve internet users? Try to use long tail keyword based on the service or product that you are offering.

Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords:

A person opens Google with an intention to search about something; he will be having some word related to the business or topic in his brain and types it in the search engine. Chances of appearing on the first page are very high if you use a long tail keyword, excellent results are guaranteed when more than three words are used.

You might have built a wonderful website with impressive looks; you might have spent a lot of time on both off the page and on page SEO. But your website will be double benefited when you select a best long tail keyword.

How to rank high on Google?

If you have started a new business, getting good rank for normal keywords is really tough now a day’s due to increased competition. Long tail keywords are said to be searched less when compared to normal keywords, choosing the right one is not an easy task as you need to do a lot of research.

Few tricks, techniques may help a person to choose the best long tail keywords that help your business to rank better. Let’s have a look at them in upcoming lines.

Google AdWords lets you save some money when long tail keywords are used because the cost per click ratio is high for competitive keywords. Choose the latter one, if you budget levels are not much high. When someone enters a long tail keyword, it means that they already know what they want and are just using search engines to find it.

I think now you have come to a conclusion about the use of long tails, now let’s look at the techniques that help you to find choose the best to get accurate results.

Points to be remembered while searching for Long Tail keywords:

#1: Before selecting good long tail keyword that pays off for you, think about your business or on the platform on which your website is created. A number of tools have been developed by the different organization for this purpose, some sites are offering free service whereas few websites ask you to pay few pennies to use these tools.

Have you ever noticed a list of underlines words under Google search results, you can see search related to your topic that can be very useful to generate long tail keywords?

#2: Choose one word from the list and enter it in Google search engine, you will find some other new searches related to your topic in the same place. Note down all these words, prepare a list and check their competition level using Google keyword planner. This is one of the most effective ways to find best long tail keyword for your site.

#3: Forums and discussion boards are some other useful sources that help you to find the best long tail keyword, here answers can be found for particular questions because people interact with each other by sharing their views /ideas. For this, you need to find a website that is related to your business. This way is not only effective but also helps you to fetch natural long tail keywords.

#4: Users with in-depth knowledge about any topics will use the long tail keyword, so the conversion rates are good when compared to short words. If you are running any business, remember that chances of buying a product are very less when a customer lands on your page for the first time.

#5: Google suggestion is the other best way to find long tail keyword. Have you ever observed the suggestions that search engine shows when you enter one word? It shows the phrases that people have searched most commonly.

#6: Using one tool may not deliver appropriate results; you won’t miss out many long tail keyword variations if multiple key planners are used. The number of software you use, the more variations you are likely to find out.

#7: Don’t ignore organic referrals section in Google analytics; it will help you to find some words which may increase audience count. Don’t forget to utilize search query option if you are using paid per click marketing.

Long tail keyword tools:

Don’t have time to do basic research for finding the best long tail keyword?

There are many tools but I will suggest you the few and selected. Automated tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, tracker tool, Google auto suggest as they actually take less time than self-research. But there are some limitations in few tools, you can search only for limited keywords using the free account and the user cannot see few details like competition for that particular long tail, search volume etc.

As I Suggest you to choose Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder because it is the free tool to find the trending keywords on Google. 

Keep in mind that choosing costly keywords is not so important, just focus on the long tail words that bring a lot of value to your business. Remove the phrase from if it is not delivering proper results. Pay attention to the questions that people are asking about your business in discussion forums or social media platforms.

Your duty doesn’t end up with choosing a long tail keyword; you have to optimize it for getting better results. Google trends is also a good source for self-research, you can see which keyword is having higher value and which one’s rank is getting down.

Track keywords performance over a period of time easily by searching latest trends on Google. The effort that you put in finding effective keywords will never go in vain if they are properly targeted.

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