Best way to create Backlinks and increase traffic on your Blog or website

When you start your Blog or a website, you hear many times about Backlink. But many people who are newly starting their Blog are struggling to know what exactly backlink means & how to Create Backlinks. You can also check how to create a blog or website.

What is Backlink?

In Simple Words,  Backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another web page.  A large number of backlinks describes the popularity of a particular website. More backlinks on your website mean your website is more popular and good ranking on the internet. Some of the search engines like Google, Bing will give more credits to that website or blog which who a large number of quality backlinks. This is why backlinks play an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website. As I will suggest you never purchase a paid backlinks because there are many fraud websites which assure you to increase traffic on your web by providing a huge number of backlinks. Always focus on organic backlinks which takes time but really work for you.

Tips & Tricks to Create Backlinks :

  • Submit Guest posts to other Web sites or Blog – This is the most common and advance way to get a backlink on your blog. You can easily submit your Guest Posts on some niche websites on free of cost, Further, they will approve your Guest post and you will get one backlink for each approval. Quit interesting right.  

Some of the top Blogs to submit a guest post are :

#1: Business Insider 

#2: Forbes

#3:  Tech Crunch

#4:  Shout me loud

#5:  Investopedia

#6:  Site Point

#7: GetResponse

#8:  CopyBlogger

#9:  Bench Mark

#10:  Hub Spot

  • Submit your Blog to Social Sites: You can easily share your Blogs on social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. I will share you the most advanced way like you can post your blog on the Facebook page. Large number of followers you have more people visits your blog. You can also use FB groups. The moreover advance technique is you can promote through Email Marketing  through which you can share your posts on bulk of  active emails in a seconds. You can find the Active Email lists through Indian business Directory.
Create Backlinks
Create Backlinks
  • Comment on others Blog : you can comment on other blog posts including your website URL which makes viewer visits on your blog when click on your comment. The main thing you choose is the topic or blog is related to your blog content where you posting your blog link. Means if your blog is related to technical solutions than you can share you Blog link on some other Technical posts through comments.
Create Backlinks
Create Backlinks
  • Directory Submission Sites : It is an part of SEO through which you can root your website traffic. Here you can improve your link popularity with free directory submission sites.

Top Free Directory Submission Sites –



#3:  InfoTiger

#4:  Web Directory

#5:  AceWebDirectory

#6:  Happal Web Directory




#10: Scrub the web 

And many more Free Directory submission sites you can find here.

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