Create a Blog Using Blogger in 2 minutes for beginners

Bloggers are Blog publishing services that allow you to share anything you want. It is bought by Google so it is linked to your Gmail account that simply means you need a Gmail account to create a Blog using Blogger. BlogSpot allows you to create a blog which is powered by Google.

The main thing is that you can also earn money through your blog if you have good writing skills, having a good knowledge of a particular content. Through Google Adsense, you can earn money from your blog by ads published on your Blog.

This Post is dedicated to beginners who learn how to start a blog from scratch.

Steps to Create a Blog using Blogger :

  • First, you need a Gmail account to create a Blog. If you don’t have please create.
  • visit
  • Click on sign in at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your Gmail ID or password to log in.

  • After Login you have 2 profile options: Create a Google+ Profile or Create a limited Blogger Profile. You can choose one of the following as now we are selecting “Create a limited Blogger Profile” to start our first Blog.

  • Enter a Display Name by which your Blog is identified and press “Continue to Blogger”.

  • Now the Blogger Screen will appear as below. Just Select New blog from the drop-down and Click “New Blog”.

  • The pop-up box will appear as below. First, you need to enter a Title of your Blog that means your Blog is related to what.
  • Address of your blog is considered as your domain name which is sub-domain of Blog Spot. The main advantage of this domain is the Sub-domain is Free of Cost. You can also add your premium domain or purchased domain after the Blog is created.
  • Themes is a very advanced feature of Blogger which provides you such a beautiful & varieties themes to select. You can also Change theme after your Blog is created.
  • After these all are filled, Select “Create Blog!” Button.

  • Now all things are ready to show your skills on Blog. Just Click on “New Post” to start your First Post.


Description of Tools available in side Bar :

Posts: Here you can check your all posts created by you.

Stats: Stats will describe Traffic &  number of viewers on your Blog. you can check Page views of Today’s, Yesterday, all time. You can also check how many followers are following your Blog. It’s quite interesting right. Means you don’t any outsource application to check the performance of your Blog.

Comments: Here you can check you Comments shared by the viewers on your Post.

Earning: You need to qualify for Adsense to start earning from your blog. If Adsense is activated on your Blog you can easily start earning through ads which are posted on your Blog. To Activate Adsense you need some good quality of posts which are not copied by others.

Campaigns: It is like promoting your own Blog through paid services powered by Google AdWords.

Note: Google Adsense cannot approve a Blog which getting traffic from paid services.

Pages: Here you can add Pages to your Blog like Home, About Us, Contact etc. you can add pages to your sidebar or Header.

Layout: Layout is a template of your theme through which you can make changes in your display theme. Here you can add Gadget (Some advanced tools available in Blogger), you can hide or show anything you want.

Theme: Here you can choose a number of a theme as according to your Blog contents. Its an amazing featured powered by Blogger that gives you complete flexibility to change your theme after you created your Post.

We hope this article “Create a Blog using Blogger” is helpful to start your career as a Blogger. You can also comment us if you have any question related to that and want some another topic related to technologies. And If you like this article please don’t forget to subscribe.


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