Create WordPress Blog or Website for Beginners

Hello Guys, First I will tell you what is WordPress ??

WordPress is an open website creation tool which is used to build websites, eCommerce websites, Blogs & many another online portal as per business requirement.

WordPress is free of cost tool to develop your web designing skills. As a beginner, you can start with a free plan as far as there are some premium plans also available.

 So now we start how to Create WordPress Blog or site on WordPress :

  • After Login click on My Sites on the top left of the corner

  • Here you can Create your first site by click on Create Site.
  • Now there are three choices to build your site in a different manner according to requirement:                – Start a Blog                                                                                                                                                                                        –         – Start with a website                                                                                                                                                                                – Start with a portfolio







  • so we start to create a blog, don’t worry the tools are same when we create a website or portfolio.
  • So to start a blog click start with a Blog.
  • Now, something very interesting, you have to choose your domain here for example

  • You can also choose a free Subdomain such as and change later, as now I am using a free subdomain for demo purpose.
  • Now you have to choose a plan which shown all brief details. Generally, people use Free or Personal Plan to create a bog or small website.  As per my suggestion always choose a personal plan because it’s really cheap and also provide the free custom domain.

  • After Selection of plan, Now your Sample Website is ready 

Now you can easily  make changes by selecting customize on the right bottom corner

Brief details of some important tools through which you can easily customize your website.

Site Identity: It is used to change the title of your side, add a logo, add Tagline & add Site icon.

Colors & Backgrounds: It is used to add background color on your website, you can also add an image to the background.

Fonts: It is used to change your heading fonts such as your website title and you can also change Base font such as your menu bar text font. Header Image: You can add an image to your header part

Menus: You can create menu bar using Menus such as Home, About us, Contact etc.

Content Options: It is used to display content on your website such as Author, display Date, display categories etc.

Widgets: It is the most advanced tool used in WordPress, Widgets are some advanced features you can use on your website to make more attractive some of the popular widgets are Blog stats, Archives, Contact Info, Facebook page plugin, follow Blog etc. when you are using you loved it.

Static Front Page: Basically, there are two options: your latest post or a static page. If you are creating a blog then I will suggest you to use “your Latest Posts”, its always display your latest post on the top of your homepage. And A static page is moreover using when we are creating a website because it makes the home page static there is no changes reflect.

Themes: One of the most attractive and beautiful themes available in WordPress, its more than 100 free themes available for different categories.

We hope this article “How to create a WordPress website or Blog” is helpful to start your career in WordPress. You can also comment us if you have any question related to that and want some another topic related to technologies. And If you like this article please don’t forget to subscribe.




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