Top 15 Amazing Facts about Google you don’t know

When any question arises in your mind – Google is there. In Today’s World Google is the most addictive tool for almost every people. Anything you want is available on google. Might I be your reading this post is also on google? So did you know why is Google so popular ??. Let me share some incredible Facts about Google may be you don’t know.

15 Amazing Facts About Google :

#1: Google Started as Backrub

Co-founder of Google Larry Page & Sergey Brin originally named Google as “Backrub“.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#2: Highest Traffic

Google has the highest Traffic on the internet from all over the world. You can check on Internet Map. Google has now 40% of the Internet Traffic.

#3: Goats Hired in Google

Google hires the Goats to mow its Lawn. As per Google Blog Google HQ hire Goats instead of some noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#4: Google name termed as Googol

The name “Google” is actually based on the mathematical term “Googol” which is termed as 1 with 100 Zeros.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#5: Google Co-Founder Plane

Co-founder of Google Larry Page & Sergey Brin Plane can runway on NASA where the other planes are restricted to land.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#6: Search Million of Pages in a second

One of the earlier version of Google search 50-60 pages per second and now google search million of pages per second. Google is the fastest search engine as search million of pages per second.

#7: Don’t Be Evil

“Don’t Be Evil” is the motto of Google’s corporate code of conduct. First introduced in 2000. Now its replaces from “Don’t Be Evil” to “Do the Right Things”.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#8: Bad Luck of Yahoo

Google wants to sell their search engine to you in 1998 for $1 million, Yahoo didn’t accept the offer, but in 2002 yahoo offered to buy Google in $3 billion then Google said no. Now the value of Google is around $400 Billion.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#9: Google Acquired YouTube

Since 2010, Google acquiring an average of one company in a week. YouTube, Android is bought by Google. Google becomes the major trademark on the internet as far as many companies are acquired by Google.

#10: Secret of Google Revenue

99% of Google revenue comes from Google advertisement and 88 languages can be used on Google Home Page.

#11: Google Buy unnecessary domains

Google had owned some of the common misspellings of its own name such as, that’s what most people made when Google initially launched.

#12: Google Revenue

In 2016, Google annual revenue was 89.5 Billion US dollars. Google ranked first among all the internet companies as market capitalization 373 Billion US dollar.

Facts about Google
Facts about Google
#13: Google Employees

Google has 72000 employees from all over the world as on 2016. And when a Google employee dies, their family receives half of their salary till 10 years of death.

14: Most Searched topic on Google 

Every day, around 18% of searches are newer that Google never saw before. And the most searched topics on Google starts from “How can we“, “How to” etc.

15: Reason behind Re-Captcha 

Google uses Re-Captcha to teach computers how to understand the alphabetical words. Around 300,000 Captcha’s solved each day on Google.


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