15 amazing Facts about YouTube you don’t know

YouTube is the most trending website on the internet. Any video comes to our mind will make us go on YouTube. It is a most addictive tool for the people who love watching a different kind of videos for entertainment. So this is the brief description of YouTube which you people already knows. Now I will share you the amazing Facts About YouTube.

15 Facts about YouTube you don’t know :

#1: First Video on YouTube

The first YouTube video was uploaded on 23 April 2005 by Jawed Karim (co-founder of YouTube) at San Diego Zoo.

#2: YouTube started as Dated Site

YouTube was started as a Dated Site. As of 2005, Co-founder of YouTube initially start YouTube as a dating site but after that, they were not quite satisfied after seeing the wardrobe malfunction incidents.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#3: Co-founders of YouTube

The YouTube Co-founder Chad Hurley, Stew Chen, Jawed Karim all worked together in a Pay Pal company before They started YouTube. Eventually, they meet first in his previous organization and further they created a history.

#4: 300 Hours Videos daily uploaded on YouTube

More than a Billion new users visit YouTube in a month And in every minute more than 300 Hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. And almost 5 billion of videos being watched on YouTube every day.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#5: YouTube owns by Google

YouTube was Acquired by Google for the US $1.65 billion in stock on 9th Oct 2006.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#6: Most Watched Video

The most watched video till now is “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi has been watched 3.7 Billion times yet and still counting. Earlier “Gagnam Style” was the most watched video on YouTube which is broken YouTube view counter which is later on updated.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#7: Most Disliked Video

You will be shocked to know that the most popular song of Justin Bieber “Baby” has 8 Million dislikes which are the top disliked video on YouTube.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#8: YouTube Language Flexibility

You can navigate YouTube in more than 75 languages which covered around 95% of world population. And the Full  HD videos was released on YouTube in November 2009.

#9: Story of Current CEO of YouTube

The Women who shared her Garage space with Larry Page and Sergey Brin (CEO of Google) when they initially started Google in 1998 now she is the current CEO of YouTube.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#10: Countries where YouTube Blocked

YouTube currently blocked in China, Iran, and North Korea. Pakistan was also Blocked YouTube in 2012 due to some irrelevant video clip “Innocence of Muslims” but now YouTube being released in Pakistan.

#11: Most Subscribed Channel 

PewDiePie has to most subscribers of any channel on YouTube as containing 57 Million Subscribers. And there are 1600 Channels which have more than 1 million Subscribers. And the most Interesting Facts is YouTube has the Production Space in lose Angeles that is Free for YouTuber’s who have at least 10,000 subscribers on his channel.

Facts About YouTube
Facts About YouTube
#12: 1 Billion Videos

There are 65 YouTube Videos which reached 1 billion views as on July 2017. And out of 65 videos that reached 1 billion,57 are music videos.

13: YouTube hits

YouTube crossed 1 trillion hits as on 2011 that means 140 views per person on the entire world. And the longest video on YouTube is 596 Hours 31 minutes long.

14: Second Largest search engine

YouTube is the Second largest search engine after Google. It is bigger than the Bing, Yahoo or Baidu. And the most searched video on YouTube is “How to Kiss“.

15: YouTube Audience

Around 32% of the audience on YouTube is from the USA and the remaining’s Audience is from other Countries.

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