How to become an Extraordinary Blogger

Blogging is the most reputed way to earn online as you need to share your extraordinary knowledge to all the audience. People start a Blog, write few articles and start wishing to earn huge amount of money in a few days. Is it possible ?? Actually not. More than 85% of Bloggers quit their blog because they are not getting much as they are expecting.

To being a Blogger is not a One Night Fight algorithm, you have to spend your time as you are doing the job from 9 to 6. If you are passionate about what you write than trust on my words one day you will found your own way. So, Now I am sharing you the exact way to become an extraordinary Blogger.

How to become an Extraordinary Blogger

Think about your Passion:

Blogging is not a one day game, you have to run it for a long time if you choose it as a career. The major mistake most people do before they start their career in Blogging. They always focus on how to make money from content but don’t even think about what topic they have to write. Decide what you love. If you can’t able to find your passion than choosing one in which you have a good quality of knowledge.

Choose a Platform:

You have to choose a right platform initially because one wrong decision makes your whole work in a trouble. Choose the most flexible and User-Friendly tool to create an run your blog. There are many free platforms for blogging such as BlogSpot, WordPress, Drupal etc.

Personally, I will suggest you to choose WordPress tool because it provides more flexibility and there are amazing free plugins to make your Blog more beautiful.

Visit here: How to create a WordPress Blog in a minute

Choose SEO Friendly Domain Name:

Now you are scratching your mind about how we choose SEO friendly domain name means how we came to know which is SEO friendly domain so relax, Focus on a particular word which you are buying your domain name. Suppose you are going to start a blog on Fish Market, then you have to find the most searched keyword on ‘Fish Market’ and choose it as your domain name to rank fast on the search engine.

You can use ahrefs tool to research on your keyword.

Be Unique and Loyal to what you Write:

The main reason for the low ranking of your blog is you don’t research your article before you write. You have to spend your time to learn on the particular topic you are going to write. What most people do is, they search their content on Google, open 8 to 10 pages than comparing all pages and start writing by modifying it.

Friends don’t do this, please. Its really doesn’t matter that you have to write 100% accurate words. The important thing is you have to be unique and write in your own style. Don’t bother about your mistakes, just focus on your way of writing. If you are not good to write content in the English language than I will prefer you to choose Grammarly which helps to auto-correct your grammar mistakes.

Make Connection with your Audience:

Be transparent and confident about what you write.You need to make a good connection between you and your audience which proves your real identity to your network. You can build a connection through various social sites such as Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest etc. You need to update your content regularly on other social sites which makes a regular connection with your readers.

The most important thing you have to add in your Blog creates a separate page for About Us and Contact Us page which makes your site more trustworthy.

Commit yourself to Write Regularly:

This is the most important thing which mostly Bloggers doesn’t even aware of. Any search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo have an algorithm to find which website has a regular update. It seems like you are updating your Blog regularly that means Google start making trust on you that you are still connected with your content.

At least publish 3 posts in a week is a better way to rank your Blog higher on any search engine.

Start Monetizing your Blog:

This is the process on which your all hard work need to get paid off. You need to monetize your blog to start earning by place ads on your articles. There are many Ad Service providers such as Google Adsense, Infolinks,, Bidvertiser and more which place ads on your Blog and you will get a commission by them on per CPC or CPI.

Personally, I will suggest you to apply for Google Adsense because its CPC rate is much higher as compared to other ad service providers and it is safer as it is Google ad service provider.

Visit Here: Tips & Tricks to Get Approval from Google Adsense in 2 Days

Be Patient:

Last but not least, you have to be patient with the result of all above-mentioned process. If you have all the quality except that one then don’t waste time to being a Blogger. Blogging is not an overnight money making technique. It’s a kind of business on which you have to spend your valuable time to get the good result.

Don’t be afraid of what you losing, think about what you need to gain. 

We hope this article “How to become an Extraordinary Blogger” is helpful to start your career as a Blogger. You can also comment us if you have any question related to that and want some another topic related to technologies or Facts. And If you like this article please don’t forget to subscribe.




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