Top 10 Low investment business ideas that never fails

Today’s youth are so intelligent and dynamic that most of them are not interested in shift-based jobs, they want to be self-employed and be the boss of their own business. Not only youth, there are many students, housewives and retired people who want to do some business that can enable them to earn profits with low investment. We have come up with top 10 low investment business ideas that never fail. Since India in the densely populated country, any innovative small business with good marketing can bring more income. So now I am going to share you the Top 10 Low investment business ideas that never fails.

Top 10 Low Investment Business ideas that never fails

#1: Cotton Wicks making a business

This low investment business suits well for females as they can do it comfortably from home, cotton wicks can be made either by hand or with the help of a machine. By supplying Cotton wicks to nearby shops or distributors, you can earn up to Rs.1500 per day. There is no risk or chance of loss because the purchaser pays money right after purchasing your products. There is a lot of demand for easy to use readymade cotton wicks in India; they can be used at any time in a year. You can easily make up to 2 or 3 kg of cotton wicks per day. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 15000-23000 INR

#2: Tissue Paper manufacturing business

It is always a good thought to start a business on your own without depending on anyone. The tissue paper manufacturing is a very profitable low investment business idea; it is the highly consumable item in almost all countries. Tissue paper is not just restricted to restaurants and home, it is useful for all people who care about health and hygiene. You won’t face any losses in tissue paper making business; you can expect huge profits with moderate investment. To succeed in tissue paper manufacturing, one should have a well-researched business plan with the availability of raw materials and skilled labor. If you have perfect management skills, you can become a successful entrepreneur by investing fewer amounts. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 5 Lakh INR

#3: Rubber Bands manufacturing

If your aim is to become an entrepreneur with minimal investment, Rubber bands manufacturing business is what you have to look at. No one can ignore the importance of rubber banks in daily life; the demand for them will never go down. Hence you can make huge profits if the proper business plan is a follower for making quality rubber bands, you don’t need to have any previous work experience to start this business. Many rubber band making machines are available at reasonable price, you can use them to manufacture bands and directly sell on the market. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 2-2.5 Lakh INR

#4: Paper plates manufacturing

Be it a wedding function or picnic party, paper plates are used for serving food items on regular basis. As paper plates are very light weighted, it is easy to carry them and dispose of anywhere, and you can make them in various designs and sizes. Whether you want to start a side business or want to earn a full-time income by starting a small scale industry, paper plates manufacturing is a good idea. The maximum investment required to start this self-employed business is less than 5 lakh, you just need to pay for purchasing manufacturing machine and raw materials. Converting the investment and hard work depends on your marketing strategy. Manpower is not much required for making paper plates as most of the work is done by the machine itself. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 70000-1 Lakh INR

#5: Jewelry Making

Many people show interest towards handmade jewelry, nowadays people are a lot of importance is being given to fashion and lifestyle. So Jewelry making will definitely work out if you are planning to start a highly profitable business from home. Are you good at making creative crafts? Then you can turn your little idea into rupees by putting in some extra effort. You don’t need to purchase any machines or employ manpower. If you know how to make jewelry; you can turn it into a full-time business.

#6: Jute Bags making business

Jute bags making business don’t require any special skills and doesn’t cost much in purchasing equipment. It is also good income source for students and housewives, nowadays people prefer jute and paper made bags in the place of plastic bags. Jute is an eco-friendly material, so the government is also encouraging entrepreneurs to look at this low investment business idea. New machines have been made for manufacturing fine quality jute bags in batches, a little bit of knowledge on industrial packing is just enough to start the business with moderate investment. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 7 Lakh INR

#7: Packaging Box business

Any product that is manufactured in the world must be stored in a packaging box for supplying it safely to the customer without any damages. Whether you are living in an urban or rural area, this business can be started with low set up cost. An attractive and well-designed packaging box will fill your pockets and bank accounts with a lot of money. Just do proper research on the market trends and purchase quality raw materials that can give good output. Investors need to purchase paper boards and convert them into packaging boxes in customized sized and shapes. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 3-7 Lakh

#8: Ball Pen refill making business

Pens help make peace throughout the world, they play a very important role in our life. A businessman or a student, whoever it might be, a good pen is required to write something on a piece of paper. You can initiate ball pen refill making as a home-based business with moderate investment, manufactured refills can be supplied to shops or you can sell them to people living in your habitat. Today, there is a lot of demand for use and throw pens. AS it comes under minor scare industry, you can avail loan facility for buying machines and other important stuff. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 1-1.5 Lakh INR

#9: Plastic bottles manufacturing

Plastic industry has experienced remarkable growth in past few years; it can be used to prepare plastic bottles in different sizes and designs. Plastic bottles won’t break when dropped from hands, so people tend to purchase them for storing water or carrying along with them. Even manufacturing costs and raw material purchasing costs are also very less, so it is possible to make profits in this segment with little investment. You can buy this machine through Indiamart.

Machine Price: 4-7 Lakh INR

#10: Spice powders manufacturing

India is the largest exporter of spices, Indian cooking is nothing or incomplete without using spices. So spices processing is a profitable business in our country, people and chefs prefer to use powdered spices as it saves time energy used for making mouth-watering dishes. A small area with powdering and packaging machinery with capable staff is just enough to start spice powder business. First start with a low budget, you can gradually increase your investment depending upon the profits.

Now, as you have gone through ten low investment business ideas that never fail. Go through the entire post and choose the best one for starting your own business.

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